Hello and Welcome


M is one of five children of varying ages – Twin brothers who are ahem…..31, A sister who is 29 (No, I’m not that old, strictly speaking these are my step children, but it doesn’t feel that way, at least to me anyway!) They are all lovely adults now and although they certainly tested my patience and skills as a parent early on, I couldn’t be prouder of them all now.

Then there is my ‘biological’ two M and E – I haven’t used their full names as I feel a little anonymity is not such a bad thing – At least for us anyway. M has autism, he was diagnosed at 2 years old and E has a rather full on diagnosis of ADHD, he was diagnosed aged 10 and probably only as a result of us recognising the similarities of symptoms he shared with his younger brother – He’s 17 now and although much less hyperactive, he still experiences significant problems with memory and anxiety.

M’s biggest difficulties are anxiety too – He over thinks, over analyses and blames himself constantly for even the slightest mishap. We feel he has PDA too as often the techniques that work with autism just don’t cut the mustard with M.  It also takes lots of skill and effort to keep his self esteem at a level that helps us steer him away from self harming, although this is a constant daily task we have to be aware of.


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